2006 Annual Meeting
Eastern Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky
March 3, 2006

Business Meeting Minutes

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President Joe Gershtenson of Eastern Kentucky University.

2. Minutes of the 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.

3. Perry Ballard has apparently left Brescia, so will not be able to serve as president for the coming year.  Therefore, President Gershtenson nominated Michael W. Hail of Morehead State to be President-Elect (President after this meeting) and to host the 2007 meeting.  By unanimous vote, Ballard was elected.  Gershtenson then nominated John Heyrman of Berea College to be President-Elect (after this meeting) and to host the 2008 meeting.  By unanimous vote, Heyrman was elected.

4. President Gershtenson offered thanks to all panelists and members attending, pointed out that it is very gratifying to see how many undergraduate students attend -- something that many state organizations do not seem to encourage -- and noted that he would have more to say on the subject at the dinner meeting.  We had about 75 people pre-register.

5. Executive Secretary Mike Berheide (Berea College) gave his report, distributed separately.

6. Under new business:

a. Berheide, on behalf of the Executive Committee, moved the following:  Whereas the job of Executive Secretary has been expanding over the past few years, and there is currently no provision for the sudden departure of the Executive Secretary (a possibility which would make it very difficult for organization funds and resources to be accessed), the Executive Committee of the KPSA moves to amend the Constitution to include the following language, to be placed at the end of Section IV. Officers:

"Associate Executive Secretary.  The Associate Executive Secretary shall assist the Executive Secretary in the performance of the above duties, and shall have all the powers pertaining to that office, including serving as a financial account signatory.  The Associate Executive Secretary shall assume the office of Executive Secretary upon that officer's resignation, dismissal or inability to hold office, or upon expiration of term in case no Executive Secretary shall have been elected.  The Associate Executive Secretary shall serve a five-year term of office, which may be renewed as appropriate."
Motion seconded and carried.

b.  Berheide then nominated Saundra Ardrey to serve as Associate Executive Secretary.  Elected unanimously.

c. Berheide, on behalf of the Executive Committee, moved the following:  Whereas graduate students have been valuable contributors to KPSA panels, yet are ineligible for either the Hughes or Rifai Awards, the Executive Committee moves to modify the terms of the Hughes Award to include eligibility for both faculty and graduate students from Kentucky colleges and universities.

Motion seconded and carried.  Graduate student papers will be eligible for the award, effective at this meeting.

d. Michael Hail asked for information regarding nominations for the Distinguished Political Scientist Award.  Nominations are to be forwarded to the Executive Committe, which will decide on the honor.

e. Berheide moved a rising vote of thanks for Joe Gershtenson.

7. Michael Hail of Morehead State University was installed as President for 2006-07, effective at the close of the current conference.  The next annual meeting will be planned for March 2-3, 2007, hosted by Morehead State.

8. The meeting adjourned at 6:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Berheide
Executive Secretary