2002 Annual Meeting
Williamsburg, Kentucky
March 1, 2002

Business Meeting Agenda


I. Call to Order -- President D. Bruce Hicks (Cumberland College).


II. Approval of Minutes of 2001 Meeting.


III. Nominations for President-Elect, to host 2004 meeting. -- Bruce Hicks


IV. President's Remarks.


V. Executive Secretary's Report -- Mike Berheide (Berea College).


VI. New Business.

A letter from George H. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of Politics & Policy:

I noticed on the APSA bulletin board that you all are going into your annual state meeting.  I thought that I would drop you a line and invite the KPSA to join in the consortium of state associations that sponsors Politics & Policy.  Some of your members may have known the journal when we were The Southeastern Political Review.  In recent years, we have broadened the scope of the journal as our readership has become more diverse.  Today, we are read in most of the states and in 110 foreign countries.  We are sending you a few sample copies so that you can see what we "look like" these days.

Underwriting the journal takes two forms.  Some state associations simply provide a check each year, and they receive a seat on the editorial board and an associate editor's position in return. West Virginia and Alabama currently follow this model.  Other associations make a subscription part of membership and get the same two-person representation in return.  New York uses this approach. Of course, some states do both the check and the subscription with membership: Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  They get three representatives: two seats on the editorial board and an associate editor position. In all cases, the state associations appoint their own representatives.

We would be happy to have Kentucky join in our enterprise.  We are unique among the quarterly, peer-reviewed political science journals in several respects.  We are written for the generalist who teaches a variety of courses, so readability is emphasized.  We have a new peer-reviewed section on "Teaching Political Science" included in each issue. We use peer reviewers from a broad spectrum of colleges and universities, and this provides more realistic and robust reviews. We typically sponsor a peer-reviewed special issue each year that makes an excellent reader for courses.  And we are affordable: $24.00/year for individuals, $18.00 if bundled with state association membership.

As we begin our 30th year of publication, we are reaching out to more and more state associations. What do you think?  Might Kentucky be interested?  I can most easily be reached by e-mail:  Hope to hear back from you soon.

VII. Installation of new President, Greg Goldy (Morehead State) effective at the close of the Saturday sessions.