1999 Annual Meeting
Lexington, Kentucky
March 5, 1999

1. Abdul H. Rifai Award. This award is for the outstanding undergraduate paper presented at the annual meeting. This year's award will be presented at the dinner meeting this evening.

2. David Hughes Award. This award was created to acknowledge the most outstanding paper presented at the annual meeting by a faculty presenter from a Kentucky college or university. The Executive Committee chooses the recipient. The award for last year's paper will be presented at the dinner meeting this evening. We continue to have difficulties in getting presenters to submit their papers for awards. PLEASE be sure to give a copy of your paper to the Secretary by the end of the meeting, and encourage others to do so..

3. Distinguished Political Scientist Award. This award for retired faculty is made from time to time by vote of the Executive Committee upon nomination by individuals or departments. Past recipients are:

1988 Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, University of Kentucky
1990 Dr. Frederic Ogden, Eastern Kentucky University
1991 Dr. Louis Smith, Berea College
1993 Dr. Jack Bizzel, Morehead State University
1999 Dr. Malcolm Jewell, University of Kentucky

4. In order to save money, the updated membership directory will be mailed only to those members who request one from the Executive Secretary.  We hope that in the future a "members-only" section of the website can be created which will allow restricted access to such a database.  Berea College, where the website is located, currently does not have that capability, but is planning on building it soon.

5. The website is still running at A moderated email mailing list is now in place.  The address is  This is a free service to the organization. Visit the website to subscribe, or send a message to the Executive Secretary at

6. We have dropped the fundraiser with Excel long distance services, as no one was interested  Our initial $25.00 deposit has been returned to us.

7. A search through the archives made available from the files of Allen Singleton has not produced any record of our earlier decisions about the structure and cost of departmental dues.  I will present a motion under New Business.

9. Treasurer's Report. Income from individual dues and meeting registrations for last year's meeting almost precisely equalled outlay.  No donations were forthcoming, and we incurred some expenses during the year (flowers for Allen Singleton's funeral).  Therefore, our balance is slightly lower than last year's but we are still in good shape.

Balance 2/1/99 $2,286.94
Balance 2/1/98 $2,384.96
Balance 2/1/97 $2,079.87
Balance 2/1/96 $1,690.87
Balance 2/1/95 $1,442.65
Balance 2/1/94 $1,126.55
Balance 2/1/93 $1,577.67
Balance 2/1/92 $1,550.02


Michael Berheide, Executive Secretary