2001 Annual Meeting
Highland Heights, Kentucky
March 2, 2001

1. Abdul H. Rifai Award. This award is for the outstanding undergraduate paper presented at the annual meeting. The 2000 award went to Gail Guiling of Western Kentucky University. This year's award will be presented at the dinner meeting this evening.

2. David Hughes Award. This award was created to acknowledge the most outstanding paper presented at the annual meeting by a faculty presenter from a Kentucky college or university. The Executive Committee chooses the recipient. The award for last year's paper will be presented at the dinner meeting this evening. The 2000 award for the best paper presented at the 1999 meeting went to J.D. Droddy of Western Kentucky University.  You may recall that last year, we instituted the policy of requiring papers for this award to be nominated by panel chairs.  Despite repeated please, no panel chair from the 2000 meeting did so.  Therefore, there will be no award given this year.

3. Distinguished Political Scientist Award. This award for retired faculty is made from time to time by vote of the Executive Committee upon nomination by individuals or departments. Past recipients are:

1988 Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, University of Kentucky
1990 Dr. Frederic Ogden, Eastern Kentucky University
1991 Dr. Louis Smith, Berea College
1993 Dr. Jack Bizzel, Morehead State University
1999 Dr. Malcolm Jewell, University of Kentucky
2000 J. Allen Singleton, Eastern Kentucky University (posthumous)

4. Progress on Resolutions adopted at Last Year's Meeting:

a. Central Location Proposal. No progress to report.
b. Program Committee Use. Cf. President Thomson
c. Contact List.  Has been developed.  The Kentucky Colleges and Schools page on the website has been developed, based on information obtainable on the web.  39 of 44 schools contacted have KPSA Liasons now.  The list can be found on the Website, under "Kentucky Colleges and Schools."  Email (moderated) may be sent to these faculty at
d. Sales Tax Number.  No progress to report.
e. Reporting Meetings to PS.  No progress to report.

4. Treasurer's Report. Nothing spectacular happened either way in the past year.  Our current accounts are in fine shape, and we seem to be breaking even at the meetings, and actually experienced some savings last year, due to use of the internet offsetting mailing costs.  The interest generated on the accounts pretty much covers our awards expenses.

Balance 2/1/01 $2,530.28
Balance 2/1/00 $2,290.49
Balance 2/1/99 $2,286.94
Balance 2/1/98 $2,384.96
Balance 2/1/97 $2,079.87
Balance 2/1/96 $1,690.87
Balance 2/1/95 $1,442.65
Balance 2/1/94 $1,126.55
Balance 2/1/93 $1,577.67
Balance 2/1/92 $1,550.02


Michael Berheide, Executive Secretary