2008 Annual Meeting
Berea College
Berea, Kentucky
February 29 – March 1, 2008

Executive Secretary’s Report

  1. There were no action items from last year’s meeting.


  1. KPSA 2007 meeting at Morehead State University was very successful.

Special thanks to KPSA president Michael Hail and his staff.

85 total attendees
36 students
49 faculty and professionals

Total receipts                                             $2,692.00

Expenses                                                   $5,600.00
(covered by MSU IRAPP)
Net KPSA                                                  $2,371.00

  1. The KPSA Pay Pal account is closed.  The account balance of $1772 was transferred to US Bank. 


  1. On June 22, 2007, the KPSA executive committee met at Berea College.

In attendance were Saundra Ardrey, Michael Berheide, John Heyerman and Michael Hail.  Joe Gershtenson, caught in a monstrous traffic jam, was a bit frustrated and unable to attend.






  1. Ken McIntyre accepted a job at Concordia University in Montreal for fall 2008; he resigned February 6, 2008 as president elect of KPSA and will not host the 2009 conference.  Jason Gainous has graciously agreed to move his tenure up a year and host the 2009 conference at the University of Louisville.  The 2010 president-elect TBA.

Saundra Curry Ardrey, Executive Secretary