2006 Annual Meeting
Richmond, Kentucky
March 3, 2006

Business Meeting Agenda


I. Call to Order -- President Joe Gershtenson (Eastern Kentucky University).

II. Approval of Minutes of 2005 Meeting.

III. a. Nominations for President, to host 2007 meeting. -- Joe Gershtenson
      b. Nominations for President, to host 2008 meeting. -- Joe Gershtenson

IV. President's Remarks.

V. Executive Secretary's Report -- Mike Berheide (Berea College).

VI. New Business.

  a. Establishment of Associate Executive Secretary position.

Motion (Berheide, on behalf of Executive Committee).  Whereas the job of Executive Secretary has been expanding over the past few years, and there is currently no provision for the sudden departure of the Executive Secretary (a possibility which would make it very difficult for organization funds and resources to be accessed), the Executive Committee of the KPSA moves to amend the Constitution to include the following language, to be placed at the end of Section IV. Officers:

"Associate Executive Secretary.  The Associate Executive Secretary shall assist the Executive Secretary in the performance of the above duties, and shall have all the powers pertaining to that office, including serving as a financial account signatory.  The Associate Executive Secretary shall assume the office of Executive Secretary upon that officer's resignation, dismissal or inability to hold office, or upon expiration of term in case no Executive Secretary shall have been elected.  The Associate Executive Secretary shall serve a five-year term of office, which may be renewed as appropriate."
  b. (On passage of above).  Motion (Berheide).  Nomination of Saundra Ardrey to serve as Associate Executive Secretary.

  c. Graduate Student Awards.  Motion (Berheide, on behalf of Executive Committee).  Whereas graduate students have been valuable contributors to KPSA panels, yet are ineligible for either the Hughes or Rifai Awards, the Executive Committee moves to modify the terms of the Hughes Award to include eligibility for both faculty and graduate students from Kentucky colleges and universities.

VII. Installation of new President, (see III.a. above) effective at the close of the Saturday sessions.