2004 Annual Meeting
Georgetown, Kentucky
March 5, 2004

1. Abdul H. Rifai Award. This award is for the outstanding undergraduate paper presented at the annual meeting. The 2003 award went to Trish Gibson of Berea College.  This year's award will be presented at the dinner meeting this evening.

2. David Hughes Award. This award was created to acknowledge the most outstanding paper presented at the annual meeting by a faculty presenter from a Kentucky college or university.  The Executive Committee chooses the recipient.  There was no award given last year, since no papers were nominated.  This year's award will be presented at the dinner meeting this evening.

3. Distinguished Political Scientist Award. This award for retired faculty is made from time to time by vote of the Executive Committee upon nomination by individuals or departments. Past recipients are:

1988 Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, University of Kentucky
1990 Dr. Frederic Ogden, Eastern Kentucky University
1991 Dr. Louis Smith, Berea College
1993 Dr. Jack Bizzel, Morehead State University
1999 Dr. Malcolm Jewell, University of Kentucky
2000 J. Allen Singleton, Eastern Kentucky University (posthumous)

No award has been proposed recently.

4. Progress on Action Items:

No action items for this year.

5. Treasurer's Report. At last year's meeting, we had 33 people register, with 25 attending the dinner.  We currently have 23 dues-paying members.  At last year's meeting, we pretty much broke even, so we're still doing just fine.

Balance 2/1/04 $2,959.06
Balance 2/1/03 $2,900.93
Balance 2/1/02 $3,493.88
Balance 2/1/01 $2,530.28
Balance 2/1/00 $2,290.49
Balance 2/1/99 $2,286.94
Balance 2/1/98 $2,384.96
Balance 2/1/97 $2,079.87
Balance 2/1/96 $1,690.87
Balance 2/1/95 $1,442.65
Balance 2/1/94 $1,126.55
Balance 2/1/93 $1,577.67


Michael Berheide, Executive Secretary