Kentucky Political Science Association

47th Annual Meeting

February 29-March 1, 2008

Alumni Building, Berea College

Berea, KY





Friday, February 29, 2008


Registration     12:00 pm – 4pm


SESSION I:    1:00 – 2:15 pm


Panel I A: The U.S. Constitution and Federalism      Stammer Room

Chair and discussant: Stephen Lange, Morehead State University

1.      William C. Green, Morehead State University, “The Supreme Court, the Clean Air Act, and Climate Change”

2.      Michael W. Hail, Morehead State University, “Sovereignty and the Separation of Powers: Balancing the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers with Cycles of Federalism”

3.      Margaret F. Sloan, University of Kentucky, “Federalism and Non-Profit Management”

Emails: S. Lange:                                                                            W. Green:      

              M. Hail:                                                                             M. Sloan:


Panel I B: First Teaching Panel           Barton Room

Chair and discussant: Joann Ewalt, Eastern Kentucky University

1.      Christopher Daniel, Kentucky State University, (Political Science Teaching in KIIS)

2.      Erik L. Lewis, Morehead State University, “What College Professors and School Teachers Might Learn From Each Other”

Emails: J. Ewalt:                                                                     C. Daniel:

              E. Lewis:


BREAK:         2:15 – 2:30 pm


SESSION II:  2:30 – 3:45 pm


Panel II A: Undergraduate Student Paper Panel        Stammer Room

Chair and discussant: Erik Lewis, Morehead State University

1.      Martine Bernard, Berea College, “What If Haiti Took Over the United States? Strategies and Tactics in Strongly Unbalanced Bilateral Relations”

2.      Beth Coleman, Berea College, “Integration in the EU and the UK: A Conflict of Interests and Policy”

3.      Bolotbek Esenov, Berea College, “What Is Wrong With Central Asia: Why Have the Central Asian States Lagged Behind the Baltic States?”

4.      Kelcy Hathaway & Sarah Spiker, Western Kentucky University,” Rhetorical Impacts in the Political Sphere: Semiotic Analysis of Language During the World War II Era”

5.      Josh Hicks, Morehead State University, “David Ricci, Karl Popper, and Political Science Epistemology”

6.      Crystal White, Berea College “Eliminated, Tolerated, and Celebrated: Gender Gaps in the United States”



Panel II B: Second Teaching Panel   Roundtable on Teaching and the 2008 U.S. Elections Barton Room

Chair: Joe Gershtenson, Eastern Kentucky University

Discussant: Kendra Stewart, Eastern Kentucky University

 Emails: J. Gershtenson:                                                 K. Stewart:


BREAK:         3:45 – 4:00 pm


SESSION III: 4:00 – 5:15 pm


Panel III A: (omnibus panel)  Stammer Room

Chair and discussant: Christopher Daniel, Kentucky State University

1.      Sara A. Jones, Morehead State University, (Federalism and Internal Conflict)

2.      Jason Gainous, University of Louisville, “Race, Value Judgments, and Issue Attitudes”

Emails: S. Jones:                                                           J. Gainous:


Panel III B: Third Teaching Panel – Teaching Across the Discipline Barton Room

Chair & discussant: Michael Cairo

1.      Michael Cairo, Georgetown College “The Use of the Game of Diplomacy in World Politics: An Active Learning Approach”

2.      Melissa Scheier, Georgetown College, “ Innovative Methods for Teaching Concepts”

3.      Stephen Mergner, Georgetown College “Duke, iPods, and the Blending Learning Pedagogy”

Emails: M. Cairo:                                       M. Scheier:

              S. Mergner:


Business Meeting 5:30 – 6:30 pm       Stammer Room


Dinner, Keynote Address, Presentation of Awards   7:00 – 9:00 pm            Baird Lounge

            KPSA Keynote Address: Bill Goodman, Kentucky Educational Television, “Everything and Nothing!”





Saturday, March 1

Registration     8:30 – 10:00 am


SESSION IV:  9:15 – 10:30 am


Panel IV A: Comparative Politics       Stammer Room

Chair, Charles E. Ziegler, University of Louisville

1.      George W. Zubaty, University of Louisville, “Women State Legislators; Explaining Variance Between States”

2.      Charles E. Ziegler, University of Louisville, "Competing for Markets and Influence: Asian National Oil Companies in Eurasia"

3.      Ramsey M. Younis, University of Louisville, “Rents and Rentierism in American Indian Casino Gambling: A Comparative Case Study”

Discussant: Dana Patton, Eastern Kentucky University

Emails:    C. Ziegler:                                                         G. Zubaty:

R. Younis:                                                      D. Patton:




Panel IV B: Public Administration     Barton Room

Chair: Michael Berheide, Berea College

  1. Catherine K. Nash, Western Kentucky University, “Technical Advances in the Collegiate and Industrial Fields”

2.      Laura V. Crowell, Western Kentucky University, “The New HPV Vaccine: Political Aspects and Legislation”

Emails: M. Berheide:                                                 C. Nash:

              L. Crowell:


BREAK          10:30 – 10:45 am


SESSION V: 11:00 – 12:00 pm        Baird Lounge

Roundtable: Kentucky Politics (with state legislators)

Chair: John Heyrman, Berea College

1.      Representative Lonnie Napier (R-Madison, Garrard Counties)

2.      Senator Gerald Neal (D-Jefferson County)





KPSA Executive Committee, 2007-2008


John Heyrman, Berea College, President (2007-2008)

Jason Gainous, University of Louisville, President-Elect (President 2008-2009)

Saundra Ardrey, Western Kentucky University, Executive Secretary

Michael W. Hail, Morehead State, Associate Executive Secretary and Past President (President 2006-2007)



Distinguished Political Scientists

(as recognized by the Kentucky Political Science Association)

2007 - Dr. Larry Matheny, Centre College

2005 - Dr. George Masannat, Western Kentucky University

2000 - Dr. J. Allen Singleton, Eastern Kentucky University

1999 - Dr. Malcolm Jewell, University of Kentucky

1993 - Dr. Jack Bizzel, Morehead State University

1991 - Dr. Louis Smith, Berea College

1990 - Dr. Frederic Ogden, Eastern Kentucky University

1988 - Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, University of Kentucky



David Hughes Memorial Award

The David Hughes Memorial Award was established to honor the memory of the former Centre College professor and 1972 KPSA President by recognizing the outstanding paper presented at the previous year's conference by a faculty member or graduate student from a Kentucky college or university.  Papers are collected by the Executive Secretary and judged by the Executive Committee.  The award is bestowed at the dinner meeting of the following conference.


Past Winners

2007 - Jonathan Winburn, Western Kentucky University,

"Comparing Redistricting Outcomes Across the States: A Comparison of Commission, Court, and Legislative Plans."

2006 - Kenneth McIntyre, Campbellsville University,

"Orwell's Despair: Nineteen Eighty-Four and the Critique of the Teleocratic State."

2005 - Brian Caza, Georgetown College

2004 - John Heyrman, Berea College,

"The Electoral College: A Critical Analysis."

2002 - Glenn W. Rainey, Jr. and Jane Gurganus Rainey, Eastern Kentucky University,

"Representational Issues and Electoral College Reform: Implications of the 2000 Presidential Election."

2000 - JD Droddy, Western Kentucky University,

"Originalist Justification and Methodology of Unenumerated Rights."

1999 - Shamima Ahmed, Northern Kentucky University,

"Assessing the Effectiveness of Welfare Reform Initiatives: The Relevance of Motivational Theories."

1998 - Margaret M. Juergens and Nayef H. Samhat, Centre College,

"Middle Powers and American Foreign Policy: A Model for Managing World Politics with Lessons from Irano-U.S. Relations, 1968-1978."

1997 - Fragano Ledgister, Morehead State University,

"The Racist Right and the Internet."

1996 - John Heyrman, Berea College,

"Should We Blame the Messenger?  If So, for What?  A Study of Newspaper Coverage of U.S. House Elections."

1993 - Paul Knepper, Northern Kentucky University,

"Thomas Jefferson, Criminal Law Reform, and the Founding of the Kentucky Penitentiary at Frankfort."

1992 - Paul Blanchard, Eastern Kentucky University,

"Education Reform And Executive--Legislative Relations In Kentucky:  HB 940 As The Culmination Of Legislative Independence, 1980-1990."

John Heyrman, Berea College,

"Reflections on Incumbency and the Meaning of Recent Elections in the United States."



Abdul H. Rifai Award

Each year, the KPSA awards the Abdul H. Rifai Award for the best paper presented by an undergraduate student at its annual meeting.  We encourage students from all disciplines to apply, though the paper must be related to some political issue, event or idea.


Past Winners

2007 - Jeremy Wells, Berea College,

"Imperium et Sacerdotium: Universalism, Fragmentation, and New Medievalism."

2006 - William Gyude Moore, Berea College,

"Demographic Pressures and the Stability of the State in Sub-Saharan Africa."

2005 - Diana Freeman, Centre College,

"An Explanation of Conflict: Ethnicity, Deprivation, and Rationalization."

2004 - Heather Barton, Berea College,

"Political Participation and College Students: The Case of Berea College"

2003 - Trish Gibson, Berea College,   

"Prophet vs. Politician: Evaluating the Role of Charismatic Leadership in the Promotion of Political Stability"

2002 - Christopher Skye Freeman, Berea College,

"Political Disequilibrium, Containment, and the Cold War: How the Natural Selection of Political Issues May Drive American Foreign Policy and the Unintended Consequences of Political Decisions"

2001 - Irakli Khodeli, Berea College,

"Human Rights And Sovereignty In Contemporary International Relations"

2000 - Gail Guiling, Western Kentucky University,

"Black Enfranchisement In Kentucky: The Impact of the Voting Rights Act of 1965."

1999 - Carrie Cutter, Centre College,

"Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Economies: A Study of Mozambique and Uganda."

1998 - Seth Kincaid Jolly, Centre College,

"Mediating European Integration in the 1990s: National Identity and Economics in France and Ireland."

1997 - Lisa Vaughn, Berea College

1993 - Michelle Woolwine, Moorehead State University

1992 - Lisa A. Clark, Berea College

1991 - G. Keith Alvey, University of Louisville

1990 - Celia T. Feldpausch, Berea College
           Tara Bellando, Berea College



Kentucky Political Science Association – Past Presidents

2009 - Jason Gainous -- University of Louisville, Louisville (President-Elect)
2008 - John Heyrman -- Berea College, Berea (President)
2007 - Michael Hail -- Morehead State, Morehead (Past President)
2006 - Joe Gershtenson -- Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
2005 - Saundra Ardrey -- Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green

2004 - Jon Dalager -- Georgetown College, Georgetown
2003 - Greg Goldey -- Morehead State, Morehead
2002 - Bruce Hicks -- Cumberland College, Williamsburg
2001 - J. Michael Thomson -- Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights
2000 - William Garriott, Jr. -- Centre College, Danville
1999 - Bradley Canon -- University of Kentucky, Lexington
1998 - Charles Ziegler -- University of Louisville, Louisville
1997 - Edward Yager -- Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
1996 - Michael Berheide -- Berea College, Berea
1995 - Peggy Cummins -- Jefferson Community College, Louisville
1994 - Lindsey Back -- Morehead, Morehead
1993 - Robert Kline -- Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
1992 - Joseph Reinger -- Brescia College, Owensboro
1991 - Richard Ward -- Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights
1990 - James Graves -- Kentucky State University, Frankfort
1989 - Carl Chelf -- Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
1988 - Landis Jones -- University of Louisville, Louisville
1987 - Donley T. Studlar -- Centre College, Danville
1986 - Abdul Rifai -- Berea College, Berea
1985 - Phil Roeder -- University of Kentucky, Lexington
1984 - Paul Blanchard -- Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
1983 - Kenneth Colebank -- Ashland Community College, Frankfort
1982 - Frederick Rhynhart -- Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights
1981 - John Peterson -- Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
1980 - Joel Goldstein -- University of Louisville, Louisville
1979 - William Garriott, Jr. -- Centre College, Danville
1978 - John Brown -- Hazard Community College, Lexington
1977 - J. Allen Singleton -- Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
1976 - Farouk Umar -- Murray State University, Murray
1975 - Richard E. Ward -- Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights
1974 - Joseph A. Uveges, Jr. -- Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
1973 - Carol W. Dowell -- University of Louisville, Louisville
1972 - David Hughes -- Centre College, Berea
1971 - Jack Bizzel -- Morehead State University, Morehead
1970 - Thomas Madron -- Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green
1969 - John E. Reeves -- University of Kentucky, Frankfort
1968 - Robert Snyder -- Georgetown College, Lexington
1967 - Dwynal B. Pettengill -- Eastern Kentucky University, Danville
1966 - Malcolm E. Jewell -- University of Kentucky, Bowling Green
1965 - Frederic D. Ogden -- Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond
1964 - Louis C. Kesselman -- University of Louisville, Louisville
1963 - Organizing Committee -- Berea College, Berea
1962 - Organizing Committee -- University of Kentucky, Lexington





MARCH 2009


Jason Gainous, University of Louisville, President 2008-2009