Kentucky Political Science Association

45th Annual Meeting

March 3-4, 2006

Perkins Center

Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, KY



Friday, March 3, 2006

Registration:  12:00 – 4:00 p.m.  Eastern Time


SESSION I:  1:00 – 2:15pm


Panel I A: Undergraduate Papers

Chair:   Sara Zeigler, EKU


1.      Samuel Porter, Georgetown College, "The Rwandan Genocide and Developments in International Humanitarian Law"        

2.      Jennifer Johnson, Morehead State University

3.      Aisulu Masylkanova, Berea College, "Will Taiwan Declare Independence by 2008?"

4.      Bradley Patrick, EKU, "A Reorganization of Kentucky Local Government"

5.    William Gyude Moore, Berea College, "Demograhic Pressures and the Stability of the State in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Discussant:   Kenneth McIntyre, Campbellsville University



Panel I B:  The Courts and Public Law

Chair:    Michael Hail, Morehead State

1.      Lynnette Noblitt, EKU, "The Patent Reform Act of 2005 (H.R. 2795): Proposed Changes and Notable Omissions"

2.      J. Gregory Frye, Michigan State, "A Review of Administrative Law and the Treatment of State Constitutional Systems and privacy Rights"

3.      William Green, Morehead State, "The Supreme Court and State Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages: Granholm v. Heald (2005) and Its Impact"

4.      Joe Chaney, Murray State, "Censorship Speech/Association Codes Enacted by University Presidents Are Unconstitutional or Are They?"

Discussant:   David Sloan, Morehead State University



BREAK            2:15-2:30pm


SESSION II:  2:30 – 3:45pm


Panel II A:  Open Discussion: "The New York Times and the American Democracy Project in Political Science"


Kandace Rusnak, New York Times



Panel II B:  State & Local Politics

Chair:  Jon Dalager, Georgetown College

1.      Tim Nolcox and James Clingermayer, Murray State, "Divided Government, Rule Review, and Regulatory Stringency:  The Case of  Pollution Control"

2.      Jonathan Winburn, WKU, "Comparing Redistricting Outcomes Across the States: A Comparison of Commission, Court, and Legislative Plans"

3.      Gary Mattson, NKU, "Grant Getting, Midwest Small Town Priroities and the CDBG Program: Factors for Grantsmanship Variations"

4.      Erik Lewis, Maysville Community and Technical College, "Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC) at 25 and Counting: An Observant Participant's Report"

Discussant:   Jon Dalager, Georgetown College











Saturday, March 4


Registration & Continental Breakfast: 8:15- 10:00am


SESSION IV:  9:00 – 10:15am



Panel IV A:  Roundtable: "Rural Economic Development: Past, Present and Future"

Moderator:   Terry Busson, EKU         


Michael Hail, Morehead State University

Justin Maxon, President, Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

John Stamper, staff writer, Lexington Herald-Leader

J.R. Wilhite, Commissioner, Department for Existing Business Development, KY Cabinet for Economic Development


Panel IV B:  Teaching in Political Science

Chair:   Erik Lewis, Maysville Community and Technical College             

Discussant:   Erik Lewis, Maysville Community and Technical College



BREAK            10:15-10:30










BREAK            3:45-4:00pm


SESSION III:  4:00 – 5:15pm


Panel III A:  American Politics and Institutions

Chair:   Joe Gershtenson, EKU    

1.     Tracy Burdett, EKU, "Economic and Social Issues in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections"                                                                    

2.      Tom Martin, UK, "Presidential Influence of Financial Markets"        

3.       Jerry Thomas, EKU, "Sexual-Minority Group Confidence in the Courts"

Discussant:   John Heyrman, Berea College



Panel III B:  International Relations & Foreign Policy

Chair:   Gregory Gunderson, EKU

1.      Nayef Samhat, Centre College, The Global Public Sphere, Legitimacy and American Foreigh Policy"

2.      Ridvan Peshkopia, UK, "Asylum and Immigration as a Human Rights Issue: Toward an IR Social Constructivist Framework of EU Asylum and Immigration Policies"

3.      Matt Evans, U of L, "Resolving Epistemology: Conceptual Blending and the Prisoner's Dilemma Game"  

4.      Chris Coffman, EKU, "Foreign olicy n a Post 9/11 World: The  Neocons Strike Back"

Discussant:  Gregory Gunderson, EKU



Panel III C:  Public Policy

Chair:   Dana Patton, EKU

1.      Robin Rhea, WKU, "Policy Proposals for Expanding Public Insurance to Adults"     

2.      Julie Olberding, NKU, "The Third Generation of Visioning for Northern Kentucky: How Things Have Changed and How They've Stayed the Same"

3.      Matt Udie, EKU, An Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies by the States to Address Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) with the Juvenile Justice System

Discussant:   Dana Patton, EKU



Business Meeting                       5:30 – 6:30pm


Dinner and Keynote Address:  7:00 – 9:00pm

The Main House at Arlington                     

Address: Congressman Ben Chandler





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SESSION V:  10:30 – 11:45am


Panel V A:  Public Administration

Chair:   Victoria Gordon, WKU

1.      Jeremy N. Phillips and Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr., WKU, "Job Satisfaction and Municipal Clerks"

2.      Ann Beck, Murray State, "Convergence of Public and Private Health Benefits"

Discussant:   Glenn Rainey, EKU


Panel V B:  Comparative Politics

Chair:   John Petersen, WKU

  1. Egbunam Amadife, KSU, "Ethnic Tensions/Conflicts in Africa: Legacy of the Hierarchical Politics of the Colonial Period"
  2. Satoshi Machida, UK, "Learning to Trust Others? The Effects of Institutional Learning on Social Capital"
  3. Steve Barracca, EKU "Explaining the Dynamics of Recent Coups in Ecuador and Venezuela"

Discussant:   Melissa Scheier, Georgetown College


Panel V C:  Race, Gender, and Religion

Chair:   Saundra Ardrey, WKU

1.      Sarah Moeller and Omar Ali, Towson University, "Black Populism: African-American Female Political Leadership"

2.      Randall D. Swain, Morehead State, "Oral Tradition and Biblical Typologies: Biblical Typologies as Political Discourse By African-American Preachers"

3.      Bernadette Barton and Ric Caric, Morehead State, "Which Sex Killed Jesus?"

4.      Shondrah Tarress Nash, Morehead State, "The Changing of the Gods: Abused Christian Wives and their Hermeneutic Revision of Gender, Power, and Spousal Conduct"

Discussant:   Noelle N'Diaye, Morehead State



BREAK            11:45-12:00


SESSION VI:  12:00 – 1:30pm


Roundtable:  "Legislative Update: The 2006 Kentucky General Assembly" (Lunch Included)

Moderator:    Paul Blanchard, EKU       


Rep. Harry Moberly

Rep. Lonnie Napier

Rep. Don Pasley

Sen. Ed Worley    
















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The Perkins Conference Center is located on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY.


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From the North: Take I-75 South to exit 87.  Make a left off of the exit ramp.  Go through nine (9) traffic lights (including the one at the exit ramp) and make a right onto Kit Carson Drive.  The Perkins Building is the second building on the right.  Parking is available behind the building.






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