Kentucky Political Science Association

44th Annual Meeting

March 4-5, 2005

Carroll Knicely Conference Center

WKU South Campus

2355 Nashville Road

Bowling Green, KY


Friday, March 4, 2005

Registration:  12:00 – 4:00 p.m.  Central Time


Session I:  1:00 – 2:15pm


Panel I A:  American Politics

Chair:  Scott Lasley, Western Kentucky University

1. Phillip Grant, Pace University "The Congressional Campaigns of Anne M. Northup  of Kentucky"

2. J. T. Spence, Chatfield College "Perceptions Surrounding the Council-Manager Government Change in Cincinnati"

3. Scott Lasley, Western Kentucky University "Progressive Ambition in the U.S  House"

Discussant:  TBA


Panel I B:  Student Papers

Chair: Edward Yager, WKU

1. Ahpue Sar, Berea College "The Prospects For Democratization in Burma"

2. Caroline Payne, Berea College "A Comparative analysis of Three Twentieth Century Revolutions: Cuba, Iran and China"

3. Diana Freeman, Centre College "An Explanation of Conflict: Ethnicity

         Deprivation, and Rationalization"

Discussant:  Lorraine Baushke


BREAK    2:15-2:30pm


Session II:  2:30 – 3:45pm


Panel II A:  It's a Global Society:  Challenges in International Relations

Chair: E. Perry Ballard, Brescia University

1. Clinton Hewan, Northern Kentucky University "United States Foreign Policy in Haiti"

2. Soleiman Kiasatpour, WKU "Leadership Selection in a Theocracy"

3. Roger Murphy, WKU  "Czech Diplomacy:  Challenge and Opportunity"

Discussant:  E. Perry Ballard, Brescia University


Panel II B:  Elections and Culture:  Lessons Learned

Chair:  John Heyrman, Berea  College

1. Michael Baranowski and Lauren Petrzilka, NKU "Popular Culture and Political  Socialization of College Students"

2. Tracy Burdett, EKU "Bedroom v. Boardroom:  Voting Behavior in the 2000 Presidential Election"

3. Joe Gershtenson, EKU "Reconsidering Political Trust" [appendix 1] [appendix 2]

4. Jane Rainey and Glenn Rainey, EKU "Don't Eat That Ballot!  Prospects for Electoral Reform in Canada and Potential Lessons for the U.S."


Discussant: John Heyrman, Berea College


Break:  3:45 – 4:00


Session III: 4:00 – 5:15pm         


Panel III A:  Political Theory

Chair:  Michael Berheide, Berea College

1. Kenneth McIntyre, Campbellsville College "Orwell's Despair:  Nineteen Eighty-four and the Critique of the Teleocratic State"

2. John Kang, Western Kentucky University "Defining Insincerity and Hypocrisy"

Discussant:  Michael Berheide, Berea College


Panel III B:  Roundtable:  The Economic Status of Kentucky Women

Chair:  Kentucky First Lady Glenna Fletcher (invited)

Participants:  Molly Kirby, WKU Women's Alliance, Saundra Ardrey, WKU Department of Political Science, U of L: Other Participants TBA

Business Meeting                        5:30 – 6:30pm

Dinner and Keynote Address:  7:00 – 9:00pm

Invited – Governor and First Lady of Kentucky


Saturday, March 5


Registration and Continental Breakfast:  8:15- 10:00am


Session IV:  9:00 – 10:15am


Panel IV A:  Roundtable:  U.S. Foreign Policy

Chair:  Soleiman Kiasatpour, Western Kentucky University

Participants:  Clinton Hewan Northern Kentucky University

                      John Petersen Western Kentucky University

                      Roger Murphy Western Kentucky University

                      Gregory Gunderson Eastern Kentucky University                      


Panel IV B:  Student Papers

Chair:  Jeffrey Kash, Western Kentucky University

1. Susan Dehart and Ayumi Hama, EKU "US-Japan Security Alliance"

2. Chris Coffman, EKU "Foreign and Domestic Policy Post 9/11

3. Jennifer Johnson, Morehead State University "Women and African Americans in Antebellum America"

4. Chris Green, WKU "African American Political Thought:  Relevance of Booker T. Washington and William E. DuBois in the 21st Century"

Discussant:  Jeffrey Kash, Western Kentucky University


Panel IV C:  Public Administration

Chair:  Jo Ann G. Ewalt, Eastern Kentucky University 

1. Jack East, Campbellsville University  "The Impact of the Environment on Crime Counts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, its Cities, and Counties: Geomagnetic and Solar-Magnetic Influence on Crime Counts"

2. Jaclyn Susan Opp, U of L "Brownfields Office, Organizational Placement, and Policy Outcomes"

3. Bruce Hicks, Cumberland College "Bureaucratic Politics and the 9/11 Attacks:  The Case of the F.B.I. Agent John O'Neill"

4. Marlon Renfro, Northern Kentucky University :Increasing Civic Engagement:  Leadership Role for Public Administrators"

Discussant:  Jo Ann G. Ewalt, EKU


BREAK :  10:30 – 10:45pm


SESSION V:  11:00 – 12:15pm


Roundtable:  Making Sense of the 2004 Elections and Kentucky Politics

Chair:  Paul Blanchard, Eastern Kentucky University

Participants:  Joe Gershtenson, EKU

                      Jodie Richards, KY House Speaker

                      John Parker, WKU


RED SUNDAE BAR:  12:30 – 1:00pm


SESSION VI:  1:15 – 2:30pm


Panel VI A:  "Marbury Revisited"

Chair:  Erik Lewis, Morehead

Participants:  Winfield Rose, Murray State, Bill Green, Morehead State


Panel VI B:  MPA Student Panel

Chair:  Jaclyn Susan Opp, U of L

1. Sarah Davasher, "Tobacco Buyout", Western Kentucky University

2. Jacqueline Luttrell, "Terror Potential in the Bluegrass", WKU


Panel VI C:  Roundtable:  Staying Connected: From High School to College

Chair: Edward Yager, WKU

Participants:  Ron Skillern, Bowling Green High School,  Kristina Yager, Bowling Green High School, Other Participants TBA