(Revised March, 1979)
We present this earlier version of the KPSA Constitution as an historical artifact.  The latest (2001) amended version may be found here.

 I. Purposes.  The purposes of the Kentucky Political Science Association are as follows:

II. Membership.  Membership in the Association is open to the following persons:

III. Dues.  The annual dues for the first category of members -- colleges and   university teachers -- shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  Dues payment shall not be required of students and others who take part in Association  activities.  The annual dues will normally be collected at the time of registration  by those attending the annual meeting, but teachers desiring to become dues-paying members may forward dues to the Executive Secretary without attending the meeting.  Voting in business meetings will be limited to dues-paying  members.

IV. Officers.  The following officers shall be chosen:

V. Selection of Officers.  The President, with the advice of the Executive Committee,  shall select a nominating committee prior to the annual meeting.  The nominating  committee shall recommend to the annual meeting candidates for the offices to be  elected.  The annual meeting will elect a President and a Vice President, to serve  one-year terms beginning at the conclusion of the meeting, an Executive  Secretary, to serve a three-year term.

VI. Annual Meeting.  The Association shall hold an annual meeting, at a site to be determined by the membership unless the members delegate the selection to the  Executive Committee.

VII. Amendments.  Amendments to this Constitution shall be adopted by a majority of members present and voting at the annual meeting after members have been notified of the proposed amendments prior to the meeting.